How To Generate Aadhar Card Virtual ID Online – Generate Virtual ID

Hey, are you want to generate Virtual ID for your Aadhaar card then you right place. Because today in this article we are going to share how to generate aadhar card virtual id online.

What is Aadhar Card Virtual ID

The virtual id (VID) is random revocable and temporary 16 digit number mapped to aadhar number. VID together with biometrics of person would give authorized agency like a mobile telecom company, limited details of user like full name, date of birth, photograph, complete address are enough for verification.

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How It Works

The aadhar cardholder can generate Virtual ID from the UIDAI official website and you can use VID for various purposes like SIM card verification, link with a bank account and pan card instead of sharing the actual 12 digit aadhar card number.

According to news, the user can generate as many Virtual IDs as he/she wants. When new id is generated the older id automatically destroy and now you can use a new one.

virtual id

The Aadhar issuing body will start accepting VID from the 1 March 2018. And from 1 June 2018, it will be compulsory for all companies to complete authentication process through VID. Aadhar card holder can use this virtual id for authentication or KYC verification. This process is very similar to using VID as a UIDAI circular said.

The best part of this service is the authorized agencies like KAU (KYC User Agency) and Authentication User Agency (AUA) is not able to generate this id for other users.

At the starting of March, the UIDAI release the new APIs (Application Programming Interface) necessary for the use of VID.

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How To Generate Aadhar Card Virtual ID

The aadhar card user can go to official website of UIDAI for generating their virtual ID. This ID only valid for a defined period of time or till the user decide to change it to a new one. At the time only 1 aadhar and 1 id can exist for one person. Only name, address, and a photograph of a person can be accessed via this id.

As per the UIDAI official, VID is one of the strongest security mechanism and it will take only 10 seconds to generate new ID.

Steps To Generate Virtual ID

  • First, visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Click on generate virtual ID option.
  • Here select the aadhar number or enrollment number.
  • Now enter your aadhar number full name and registered mobile number.
  • After that just click on generate OTP button and within a few seconds, you will receive a one time password on your registered mobile number.
  • If you don’t receive otp on your registered mobile number then you can also click on resend option.
  • After verify otp click on generate virtual id option.
  • That’s it you successfully create virtual id for aadhar card.

Final Words:

I hope guys you will get all information about the aadhar virtual id. If you have any question about this article then feel free to comment below. If you like this article then don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for visiting Express Tricks blog. Keep visiting for more interesting updates.

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