How To Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access {Solved}

Hey, are you connected to wifi but it’s showing No Internet Access, don’t worry after reading this complete article you can easily fix no internet access problem.

Your pc or laptop is connected to wifi but no internet access is a very common problem that everyone faces sometimes. Mostly you face wifi connected but no internet access windows 7, windows 10, Android, iPhone, MAC devices.

Wifi Connected But No Internet Access

I know there are lots of questions in your mind like why this error is occurring? Everything is looking perfect but no internet access? But there is no any single answer to this questions. Because of it is very difficult to say which parameter cause a problem. For occuring this error there is phones, pc, laptop, and routers are involved so for solving this problem we need to apply lots of solution that work in different cases and different situation.

Daily there are lots of people search on google and asking questions on the forum about wifi connected but not internet access or wifi no internet. You can find lots of articles, videos, and blog that provides a solution for this problem but most of the solutions are not working for all. So we are decided to share a working solution for fix wifi connected but not internet access to our blog readers.

In this problem when you connect to any wifi network and it showing the wifi is successfully connected but no internet access. You can also see a yellow triangle with exclamation mark on the network icon.

Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Access

1. Check your physical connection

This issue is very similar to you turn on hotspot on your android device but forgot to enable mobile data.

The first step to fix this problem make sure your ethernet cable is connected to WAN port of the router. If your cable is not connected to the internet port of the router then you face this error. Because the router is not found any source of internet and you will face this error.

So make sure your cable is connected to router and connector pin is not broken. If broken then replace them.

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Method 2: Reset TCP/IP Stack

For repair the internet connection in windows you need to reset the TCP/IP stack. By repairing TCP/IP stack it solves the corrupted connection. For reset TCP/IP stack on your windows computer, you need to follow below step by step process.

  • First, go to start menu and type CMD.
  • Right click on CMD and click on run as administrator option.
  • Run the below to command on CMD.

netsh int ip reset reset.log

netsh winsock reset catalog

  • After successfully run above commands you need to restart your computer for apply changes.
  • Now see the internet connection is works or not.

Method 3: Update Wifi Drivers

After reset TCP/IP stack if you still facing this error then may be windows have problem with a wireless card. So you need to update the wifi drives in your windows computer. For update driver in device manager you need to follow below step by step process.

  • First step to right click on My Computer and click on properties option.
  • Select the hardware tab and click on device manager option.
  • In device manager window expand the network adapter option.
  • If you see any network adapter with yellow exclamation point or red mark then you need to update this derive because this network connection occuring this problem.
  • You can also download the latest version of drive from the manufactures website and install in your pc.
  • After successfully install or update you need to restart computer for apply changes.

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Method 4: Wait Up to 1 Hour

Sometimes there is an issue with your internet service provider and you don’t have internet access or your internet connections keep dropping.

So you need to confirm the current situation about your internet connection and also call your internet service provider to fix them. Your ISP fix the problem within a couple of hours.

Method 5: Reset Wireless Network

If you entered wrong MAC address during the router configuration or if your wireless network have mac address filtering option is enabled then only selected computers is allowed for connect to the router.

In this case you need to reset the router to the default setting. The router reset option remove mac address filtering, security, port forwarding, SSID name, router admin login username & password, dynamic dns setpu, any firewall rules and other settings of your router that preventing your computer from connecting to router.

For reset your router you need to follow below step by step process.

  • Resetting the wireless router is very simple and every router can be reset by this method.
  • You can find the small hole with word reset on your router.
  • Simply find the small clip or stick and enter into the hole while the router is turned on.
  • You need to press this button for 12 to 15 seconds and you can see all the small light of the router is start blinking at once.
  • That’s it your router is scuuessfully reset to its default setting.

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Method 5: Update Hardware Drivers

If your computer or laptop hardware drivers is not updates then you facing this problem. So first you need to update your hardware drivers like firmware, system drivers, BIOS, etc. So make sure your computer is updated with latest drivers. You can also update your operating system with latest patches.

Method 6: Troubleshooter

For fix the wifi connected but no internet connection problem you can also troubleshoot with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10. The best part of windows troubleshooter is you can easily fix by without any efforts. Even if in case it can’t fix the problem then it display the message what the issue is and to fix them.

For troubleshoot your internet connection you need to follow below step by step process.

  • First step to open start menu and serach for the troubleshoot and click on it.
  • In the list of troubleshooting options you need to select the internet connection.
  • It start the process automatically and withing a few minutes you will see the result.

Method 7: Flush DNS

If DNS cache conflict then you will face the no internet access problem. So for fix this issue you need to flush dns with the help of command prompt.

For flush dns in windows computer you need to follow below step by step process.

  • First go to start menu and type CMD.
  • Right click on CMD and click on run as administration option.
  • Run the below to command in CMD.


  • After successfully run above commans you need to restart your computer for apply changes.
  • Now see the internet connection is works or not.

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Method 8: Change Wireless Mode

If you setting incorrect wireless mode then you will face this error because of there is communication between two devices in not compitable.

There are diferent type of wireless mode available for roter liek 802.11 b, 802.11 b/g and 802.11 b/g/c. In which the b wireless standard is oldest. Mostly people are using 802.11 b/g/n wireless standard for work correctly.

For change the wireless mode you need to follo below step by step process.

  • First step to login your router dashabaord from your computer.
  • Here you can find the wireless mode option.
  • You need to select the 802.11b option and click on save changes button.
  • Now your wifi automatically restart and check the problem is fix or not.

Final Words:

I hope guys you can easily fix the wifi connected but no internet access problem in your windows computer or laptop. If you are still facing the no internet access message then feel free to comment below for more help. If you find this article is helpful for you to fix this problem then don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for visiting Express Tricks blog. Keep visiting for more interasting updates and latest news.

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