What Is ECR And ECNR Category Passport – Difference Between ECR & ECNR

Hey, are you looking for what is ECR & ENCR category passport then you are the right place. Today in this article we are going to share difference between ECR and Non-ECR passport. Mostly people in india don’t know about what is ECR and what is ECNR passport.

Whenever you want to travel outside of india or other native countries you must need a passport. And there are two types of passport category available is ECR and ECNR. So It is very important to know your passport is ECR or ENCR category to avoid inconvenience during your flight.


Mostly people are searching on internet about how to check passport is ECR or ENCR and how to change ECR to ENCR. But now don’t worry after reading this complete article get an answer of your all questions.

What is ECR Category Passport

ECR stands for Emigration Check Required passport. This category passport issued before 2007. If you are not passed 10th class then your category will be Emigration Check Required. You can find the stamp with ECR inside your page if you are in this category. So whenever you are going to the outside of India you must have to get clearance from the immigration office.

Below you can find the Emigration Check Required countries.

Brunei, Yemen, Indonesia, Saudi Arab, Iraq, Thailand, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Malaysia, Sudan, Libya, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Oman, Qatar.

You do not need the Emigration Check Required even if travel to above mention country for following peoples.

  • Income taxpayers
  • Official and Diplomatic passport holders
  • People who have passed 10th class
  • Professional degree holders
  • Gazetted officers
  • Children below the 18 years with one or both parents
  • People who are above 50 year age.
  • People holding degree or diploma in polytechnic
  • People who hold PR visa for the US, UK, and Australia

What is ECNR Passport

The ECNR stands for Emigration Check Not Required passport. If you are passed 10th class or more then the category will be ECNR. You can find the stamp with ECNR inside page if you are eligible in this category. So whenever you are going to the outside of India you not need to get clearance from the immigration office.

Final Words:

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