How to Find Someone on Instagram Using Phone Numbers

Hey, are you looking for how to find someone on Instagram using phone number then you come to the right place.

Today in this article i’m going to show you a complete guide to find people on Instagram phone number.

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Find People on Instagram Using Phone Number

We all know that Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing platform with over 400 million active users worldwide.

find someone on instagram using phone number

If you are new to Instagram then the first thing you need to do is connect with your family, existing friends, make new friends to build your social network and interact with them.

The most common way to find new people on Instagram is to simply search their full name or username through the search bar.

But what if you don’t know the exact username of the person and find the multiple people use similar names?

Recently Instagram introduces a new feature in which you can easily find your friends with the help of their mobile number even if you don’t know their username.

You simply need to sync up the contact list on the Instagram app. It will automatically scan your contact list and easily find people who are using Instagram.

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There three different ways to find someone on Instagram are given below.

  • Find through a phone number
  • Search their username
  • Find by connecting Facebook

How to Find People on Instagram Using Phone Number

  • First, save the person mobile number in your contact book.
  • Open the Instagram app to find people using phone no.
  • Go to your profile by a tap on the Profile icon.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon & select Discover people.
  • There are two tabs available like Suggested and Contacts.
  • Select Contacts tab to find people using number.
find someone on instagram using phone number
  • Tap on the Connect Contacts button and it’s asked for the contact permission, simply allow it and it will start syncing contacts.
  • In case if you already allowed Instagram to access your phone contact list then skip this step.
find someone on instagram using phone number
  • In case of a person not linked their mobile number to account then they will not appear here.
  • Next, you will see a list of contacts are using Instagram. Find the people you want to follow from the list or simply tap on the follow all button to follow everyone.
find someone on instagram using phone number
  • You can also click on the profile icon to view the personal profile page. In case if the account is protected then it will send a follow request to the account owner.
  • If they approve your request then you will start following the person.

Final Words: I hope guys now you can easily find people on Instagram using phone number after reading this article. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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