Fortnite Season 8 – Increase FPS, Fix Lag And Improve Performance | Best Settings to STOP LAG

Hey, are you looking for how to increase fps in fortnite season 8, fix lag, new improvements, better fps, boost fps, fix lag, more fps, fps boost guide, season 8 fps, frame drop fix, fix latency guide then you are the right place. Today in this article I will teach you a complete guide to boost FPS in season 8 UPDATE.

Method 1: Fortnite Season 8 FPS Booster Pack

  • First, get the Fortnite FPS booster pack from below link.

Download FPS Booster Pack

  • After download, you need to extracts the file.
  • Open the extracted file and open priority folder
  • Click on the FortniteHighPriority file & tap on ok button.

Method 2: Memreduct For Fortnite

  • Double tap on memreduct-3.3.4-setup file and tap on next button.
  • Click on agree button and install it.
  • Next click on clean memory and tap on yes button.

Method 3: Optimize RAM For Fortnite

  • Double tap on Ramrush file and install it.
  • After complete installation, tap on start optimize button
  • Waite till complete the process and restart your computer.

Method 4: Disk Cleanup

  • Open the My Computer and right click on the C drive.
  • Click on the properties & select the disc cleanup option.
  • Select all options and tap on the cleanup button.
  • Waite for 2-3 minutes to complete the process.

Method 5: Change Windows Performance

  1. Open the My Computer and right click on the blank space.
  2. From the drawer, click on the properties option.
  3. On the left-hand click on Advanced system settings.
  4. Under the performance tab, click on the Settings.
  5. Select the best performance and click on ok button.

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