Call of Duty Mobile: How to change your name and appearance (Updated)

Call of Duty mobile is also known as Legends of War, recently launched for android and ios in a closed beta.

When you install and play call of duty mobile game for the first time there is an option to create a new name for your appearance and this is one time process. After you select the name for your account, you can log in using Facebook or as a guest and you are ready to play the game.

Choosing a profile name in call of duty mobile is a very important decision because once you select any name you need to stuck with the same name. But most of the gamers are in a hurry and don’t pay attention to the profile name.

If you are looking for how to change name and appearance in call of duty mobile then you are the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you a complete guide on update name in call of duty mobile.

Procedure to change name in call of duty mobile

As you know the call of duty mobile currently in beta and there no option to change profile name. Once the game launch officially you can change it by going to the settings of your game.

Final Words: I hope guys now you can easily update the name in call of duty mobile. If you have any question then feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting ExpressTricks blog. Keep visiting for more interesting updates.

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