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The CompTIA 220-901 exam is a part of a series of twotests that leads to the CompTIA A+ certification. Suffice to mention that this certificate is an entry-level credential. As a matter of fact, CompTIA A+ has been named as one of the ten best entry-level certifications by the CIO magazine. It is essential to note that this credential is vendor-neutral and it covers a wide spectrum of skills in IT, ranging from operating systems and security to networking and hardware.It is suitable for those individuals who want to take up a career in field operations and tech support.

To earn this certificate, the candidates are expected to pass two exams, generally referred to as Core One and Core Two. Due to the constant evolution going on in the world of IT, the certification provider introduces new versions of tests every couple of years to reflect the current technologies and best practices in the industry. Earlier in 2018, CompTIA announced that it will retire CompTIA 220-901 and CompTIA 220-902, which are the two exams that lead to the award of CompTIA A+. On January 15, 2019, the new tests, CompTIA 220-1001 (Core One) and CompTIA 220-1002 (Core Two), became effective while the old series was retired on July 31, 2019. As CompTIA does not allow the students to mix two different series of exams to earn the A+ certification, you need to pass two new tests if you have already taken CompTIA 220-901.

According to the Senior Director of Credential Products of CompTIA, Teresa Sears, the new CompTIA A+ certification enablesthe professionals to have access to a more robust career development. Theindividuals with the A+ credential may decide to take up job roles in cybersecurity, network administration, network engineering, data analytics, or business analysis. Of course, A+ is not a straight path to these careers but it opens up the technical workers to the IT functions that can lead to more exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

Comparison between CompTIA 220-901 and CompTIA 220-1001

After the retirement of the CompTIA 220-901 exam earlier at the beginning of the year, CompTIA has launched the 220-1001 test in its stead. While the older exam had Cloud concepts and put more emphasis on Windows OS, the latest version is broader and with more emphasis on security, networking, Cloud, and device connectivity. On the flip side, it reduces the emphasis on mobile, Windows, and hardware. And one of the major changes in the new test is operational procedures. Let’s look at the breakdown of each version of the exams and compare them.

CompTIA 220-901 (Core One)

This exam covered a range of topics, which include:

  • Hardware – 34%
  • Mobile Devices – 17%
  • Networking – 21%
  • Hardware & Network Troubleshooting – 28%

CompTIA 220-1001 (Core One)

This is the replacement exam and it covers the following topics:

  • Virtualization &Cloud computing – 12%
  • Mobile devices – 14%
  • Hardware – 17%
  • Networking – 20%
  • Networking & hardware troubleshooting – 27%

Overview of CompTIA 220-1001 Exam Objectives

The new exam has more focus on Cloud and new technology as could be seen in the separate domain that has been introduced for Cloud and virtualization. Prior to the introduction of the new test, Cloud and virtualization were bundled together with other technologies and systems. As a matter of fact, it was more of the Core 2 objective than the Core 1 one. Other areas of the operating system and technology inherent in the old version of the exam were Linux and Mac, mobile OS, servers, synchronization, and mobile device connectivity. All made up 12% of the content in the old test. However, the new version has Cloud and virtualization taking up 12% of the whole exam content.

Additionally, a large part of the Cloud knowledge covered under both exams is the same. Some of the Cloud-related topics in the new objectives include shared resources (internal versus external); Cloud file-storage services; off-site email applications; virtual desktops; and virtual application streaming &Cloud based apps.These changes indicate the constant growth in the complexity of the work environment that the IT support professionals have to understand and function in. The new CompTIA A+ certification focuses on devices more than on mobile phones and laptops, and everything goes back to the increase in the level of sophistication in the technological environment.

There are some other changes in the domains that portray the latest technologies and IT trends in the industry. For instance, docking stations and phablets (that is, devices between tablets and phones) have been removed from the mobile domain while the VR/AR headsets have been included. Also, synching devices to automobiles have been added to a mobile-device synchronization method and additional networking protocols like 5G (which is under the wireless networking protocols) have been added as well.


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CompTIA A+ Certification

Why Should You Pursue CompTIA A+ Certification?

It really doesn’t matter whether you are new in the field of IT or you have already gained a few years of professional experience under your belt, there is always room for improvement and knowledge expansion. The CompTIA A+ certification is a springboard to a more rewarding career. It also puts you on the path to earn more advanced credentials, and of course, more exciting and lucrative career in the IT industry. The job of IT tech support is beyond what it used to be. It goes from troubleshooting computers to more evolving tasks.


No doubt, such a certification as CompTIA A+makes you very competitive in the marketplace as the recruiters are looking for the professionals with validated skills for the job roles. When it comes to passing the A+ exam, you can be sure that ExamSnap has a wealth of resources to help you prepare for it. So, take this opportunity and be certified with the CompTIA A+ credential today!