How to Become an Azure Certified Data Engineer with Microsoft Exam DP-200 and Exam Dumps?

Do you have what it takes to be a certified data engineer? Do you want to reach the height in your career in IT? Learn more about this interesting career with a sought-after Microsoft certification exam, which will then be your tool in shaping your data engineer profession. Are you ready for a transformative change in your career? If yes, then let’s get started!

Understanding the significant role of a data engineer

Data engineers are like a combination of data scientists and data analysts. In general, these professionals are the people behind the creation and management of data infrastructure. Often than not, data engineers are software engineers who are assigned to do necessary functions about data, along with pipelines, workflows, and ETL methods. With the salient tasks of a data engineer, this role has become quite appealing to many IT candidates.

Knowing Microsoft’s career path for data engineers

For those who want to pursue this career path, you’ve got yourself lucky because Microsoft has seen the importance of data engineers in its cloud computing platform. As a result, Microsoft has created a specific technical certification for data engineers and that is no other than Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate.

This role-based validation is one of the newest certifications that continue to make waves in the IT industry. It’s a technical credential that is meant to shape and transform Azure data engineers into highly-skilled professionals who can excellently design and implement the ins and outs of data via Azure data services. Before you acquire this certification, you need to go through two exams―DP-200 and DP-201.

Implementing an Azure Data Solution through Exam DP-200

The first required exam is DP-200, which mainly measures your technical skills in some job roles. These include implementing data stores; elevating data solutions; monitoring data storage and processes; improve data processing; and manage data security. A thorough discussion of the exam objectives can be found on the Microsoft website. And don’t forget to follow the updated exam content, which was revised last December 4, 2019.

Evaluating if you’re the perfect candidate for DP-200

It’s not enough to be just a data engineer for you to pass the exam. In-depth work experience as an Azure data engineer is highly suggested before you kick-off your exam planning. You should have a prior background in data implementation functions, which include managing batch data, delivering data storage, implementing security needs, and accessing data sources. Generally, if you’re planning to take this exam soon, it’s recommended that you have a background in implementing data solutions in various Azure data services, including Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob storage, Azure SQL Database, and such.

Aside from the required professional experience, it’s advisable that you complete first the AZ-900, which will award you with Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification. Having this fundamental certification will give you a substantial footing of the core Azure concepts and functions.

Starting with your exam preparation

Unlike the previous MCP certifications, DP-200 is part of the revised certification program, which highly focuses on a specific job role instead of a certain IT area. In view of this, preparing for DP-200 is more challenging as you need to be equipped not just with knowledge but more on technical expertise. To help you launch your exam preparation, we’ve have put together all the important materials that you need to use for a successful certification exam.

Begin your learning with the free courses provided by Microsoft. There are 9 options to choose from, which are all essential in securing information about the exam topics. For each course, there are specific modules that will discuss in detail the topics required in the exam. Thus, it’s best that you cover everything, from start to finish.

Another functional material that you can use for the exam is the 3-day training course. This paid material is very useful as you will be professionally steered by a Microsoft expert, who will supply you with noteworthy information and skills in data platform technologies. More than that, the course will pave the way for you to digest comprehension in processing data with the use of various languages. Plus, it will help you troubleshoot and oversee Azure data solutions that cover areas such as data optimization, data solutions streaming, and batch processing.

Completing your exam journey

The best way to culminate your exam DP-200 training is through answering practice tests. Practice tests matter so much in your exam preparation as these will reveal areas that you are good at and areas that you still need to work on. For your convenience, you can take advantage of the official practice test provided by Microsoft. This online material has over a hundred questions that come with itemized answers and even references. Your score will be given instantly so you can check your exam proficiency with no difficulty.

Lastly, you can make use of the exam dumps available at the Exam-Labs website. These dumps feature premium questions and answers, which are compiled by successful IT professionals. Currently, their premium file for DP-200 is priced at $14.99 only. You also can try our using free exam dumps for DP-200 exam. These files are uploaded by the real and successful exam takers. So, this material is a valid one for you to check your knowledge before opting for the DP-200 certification exam.


Becoming an Azure Data Engineer Associate is one of the best and beneficial careers at present. High salary, international recognition, and job security―these are just some of the remarkable incentives waiting for you once you pass Microsoft exams DP-200 and DP-201. So, start learning and preparing for your certification exams and you’ll be rewarded with an impeccable credential soon!