Which Comments Do Girls Like The Most – 80 Best Compliments For Girls

When it comes to giving a compliment to girl, make sure that it is an appropriate one. Girls generally like the comments that appear genuine.

Before compliment girl must think about what type of message you want to convey. Comments or compliment where you extrapolate her beauty, her personality, her accomplishments, and her looks.

If you are looking for best compliments for girls then you are the right place. Here you can find some comments which will be heartfelt to them.

Below you can find the different kind of compliments that you can give to any girls in many types of situation but always try to use one that is appropriate for her. You can also try to customize compliment as per the quality of girl.

Some comments can be:

1. You are gorgeous.

2. You inspire me and others..

3. You are lovely.

4. You might be bored of hearing these 3 words, but i can’t resist saying it again – “You look beautiful “

5. You do not need makeup. You are already so naturally beautiful.

6. I like the way you dress, you know how to choose clothes.

7. You look just like your mom.

8. You are adorable.

9. That confidence looks so sexy on you

10. You are very clever.

11. You are really cute.

12. You are an amazing friend

13. I like the way you reason, I really like you.

14. The best thing about you is that You’re different from other women.

15. You are adorable.

16. I like your hair cut, is it original.

17. You look mesmerizing.

18. You are the smartest girl i ever dated..

19. You look prettier than a picture.

20. You cook better than my mom does !

21. As long as you’re with me, I don’t care where we go”.

22. You are alluring.

23. You look classy

24. You look dazzling.

25. You do this so well

26. You are attractive.

27. You smell like heaven

28. You are elegant.

29. I like your style.

30. I love your lips.

31. You are very fashionable.

32. I love your eyes.

33. You are breathtaking.

34. You are very fit.

35. You have the most beautiful smile.

36. I think I could have fun in HELL with you.

37. I love how beautiful you look when you sleep.

38. Wow … you black dress is adding to your gorgeousness

39. Love seeing your smile, it brightens my day every time

40. I wonder what makes you endlessly fascinating.

41. Your sense of fashion is amazing.

42. You haven’t worn make up all week? Damn, you are gorgeous!

43. Your hair is so free, never change it. Your hair just adds to your gorgeousness

44. You have the most beautiful, radiant eyes.

45. It’s like a big breath of fresh air when I walk into the building and see you here

46. You have amazing cheekbones.

47. I wonder , how you carry yourself with so much maturity

48. You have a really great sense of fashion.

49. Have you ever gotten breathless before from a beautiful face,for i see you there.

50. You have such a talent for putting together the most gorgeous outfits.

51. You really know how to dress well.

52. I knew you were pretty, but I didn’t know you were so deep…

53. I love how curly your hair is.

54. I loved your pic thrice.

55. I love how straight your hair is.

56. This is the best I’ve come across till now.

57. I wish I had your hair.

58. I’m running out of words to fix your beauty right.

59. You are so gorgeous and that is the least interesting thing about you.

60. It’s been my pleasure to see the beauty.

61. You are so good with makeup. It looks amazing.

62. Praising you won’t be justified, adoring you may be.

63. You look even more beautiful without makeup.

64. People praise beauty, I praise your personality.

65. You are such a natural beauty.

66. Class outsmarted beauty, again.

67. You look stunning in that dress.

68. I’m in an awe of your beauty.

69. You are so good at putting clothes together. You could be a stylist.

70. You look Gorgeous girl….did someone tell you that.

71. You are so kissable.

72. I love your curves.

73. Beauty is just a word, you justify better.

74. You are intoxicating.

75. You are the sweetest.

76. I love how sensual you are.

77. You are my safe place.

78. I love how comfortable you are in your own body.

79. I dont know from where to start praising you.

80. I feel so happy here with you.

81. I don’t believe if something that beautiful exists too.

82. Personality speaks louder than beauty, and so does yours.

83. You are the most loveliest person I have been with.

84. Went around 360 degrees, saw nothing better than you.

85. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?

86. You know how to make me feel like a man.

87. If there’s a word to praise you, it would be Infinity.

88. You make me the happiest man in the world.

89. I saw many, but you always stood out of the comparison line.

90. You are too adorable.

91. I tried many things but I always end up on you.

92. You are the sweetest.

93. Nobody in this world makes me happier than you do.

94. There’s nothing that can stop you from being the best.

95. To me, you are perfect.

96. Beauty is for kids. You’re so much more than that.

97. Could you be any cuter?

98. Every flower withers, but you won’t.

99. You cook better than my mom.

100. I wish the keyboard had enough letters to define you.

101. I love that I can just be myself when I am with you.

102. People grow old, she grows beautiful.

103. I never have to pretend to be someone else when I am with you.

104. Yours are the eyes my eyes were waiting to see.

105. You are my greatest adventure.

106. You are a woman that I really admire and look up to.

107. You are such a good kisser.

108. When I think of strong women, I think of you.

109. You just take my breath away.

110. I do not know how you do everything that you do. You are superwoman.

111. You have the softest kisses.

112. You amaze me with everything that you do.

113. You are a strong, sensual woman.

114. You have such a great way with words.

115. You are so sultry.

116. You have a way of making everything you do look so easy.

117. I love every inch of you.

118. You are so artistic.

119. You are a dream come to life.

120. You are an amazing baker.

121. You are my dream come true.

122. You are the best cook.

123. You make the best drinks.

124. I love holding you in my arms.

125. You really know how to have fun.

126. I love holding you in my embrace.

127. You really know how to throw a party.

128. Your skin is so soft.

129. I never have more fun than when I am with you.

130. I feel so much happier around you.

131. You are a joy to be around.

132. With you in my life, everything just makes sense.

133. You are such a good person.

134. You fill up an empty space in my heart that I never knew existed.

135. You have such a kind soul.

136. You make me feel so full in my heart and in my soul.

137. You have made such a big difference in my life.

138. I could listen to you talk for hours and never get tired of it.

139. You know how to make people feel special. That is a gift.

140. You smell so nice.

141. You are enough.

142. You are always the most beautiful woman in the room.

143. Never forget how amazing you are.

144. My friends love you. And that is how I know that you are the real deal.

145. Anyone would be lucky to know you.

146. My parents love you. That is how I know that you are the right girl for me.

147. There is never a dull moment with you around.

148. I love how well you get along with my family.

149. You are the weirdest person that I have ever met. And I mean that in a good way.

150. You are a part of the family now.

151. My life would suck without you.

152. You are everything to me.

153. You have such excellent taste.

154. You are my whole world.

155. You are always the life of the party.

156. You are my entire universe.

157. You are so fun to be around.

158. You complete me.

159. You have a beautiful voice.

160. Being with you means the world to me.

161. You are such a great dancer.

162. Being with you has made me so happy.

163. You move so well on the dance floor.

164. You are such a good person.

165. I cannot keep my eyes off of you.

166. You are amazing.

167. You are the best friend that a girl could ever ask for.

168. You are the essence of a truly strong woman.

169. You are such a thoughtful friend.

170. I am so unbelievably proud of you.

171. You are a generous friend.

172. You are the epitome of girl power.

173. Whenever I need a friend to talk to, you are the first person I turn to.

174. Girls run the world and you are a prime example of that.

175. You are the very meaning of friendship.

176. You bring so much light into my life.

177. You are what I call a forever friend.

178. You are fantastic.

179. You are my best friend for life.

180. If only there were more people like you in the world.

181. Through thick and thin, I can always count on you to be my friend.

182. I really love talking to you.

183. Thank you for being such a loyal friend in such a messed up world.

184. You never fail to surprise me, and I love that about you.

185. Thank you for never getting tired of me. You are a true friend.

186. You are my best friend, my partner in crime.

187. You are perfect just the way you are.

188. I love your curiosity.

189. You, my friend, are the cat’s pajamas.

190. You are such a great boss.

191. Chocolate is great, but your friendship is even better.

192. You are such a great worker.

193. You are the friend that everyone wishes that they had.

194. You and I are closer than sardines in a can.

195. Our friendship is like a special cup of tea. It is a special blend of you and me.

196. You and I are tighter than a knot.

197. I am so happy that our paths crossed and that we are friends.

198. At this point, you are like family to me.

199. Your friendship is priceless to me.

200. We are such good friends we might as well be family.

201. You are my best employee.

202. I hope I can accomplish as much as you have.

203. Keep up the great work.

204. Your work lately has been very impressive.

205. You did a really great job out there.

206. Thanks for stepping up to the plate.

207. You are so good at this.

208. You showed a lot of initiative.

209. You were born for this job.

210. You did some quick thinking today.

211. This is definitely your calling in life.

212. Good brainstorming today.

213. I can tell that you were meant to do this.

214. You are an amazing team leader.

215. I can see how passionate you are about your job.

216. You are my role model.

217. Your work is very impressive.

218. I really look up to you.

219. You are such a great leader.

220. Keep up the good work.

221. You did a really great job as a mother.

222. I can see how hard you have been working lately.

223. You raised really good people.

224. You are such a great team player.

225. As a mother, you taught your children how to be strong and kind.

226. You work so well with everyone else here.

227. The sacrifices that you have made as a mother are incredible.

228. Good job on that presentation.

229. You are an amazing mother.

230. You are such a good problem solver.

231. Without you, I would not have been able to raise such amazing children.

232. You have such great communication skills.

233. You have such a great mind for detail.

234. You have an amazing work ethic.

235. I really admire your leadership.

236. Your positive attitude in the workplace is contagious.

237. You are such a creative thinker.

238. You have such great ideas in the workplace.

239. Thank you for taking care of our family so well.

240. Your child looks just like you.

241. Your kids are amazing.

242. You make me such a happy husband.

243. Your kids are so well-behaved.

244. Your kids are so smart.

245. Our family is so strong because you hold it together.

246. I am amazed by all of the things that you do as a mom.

247. You are the glue that holds our family together.

248. You are such a dedicated mother.

249. You keep our family strong.

250. Your kids are always so happy.

251. Thank you for keeping our family together.

252. I love your child’s name.

253. Your kid is like your mini-me.

254. You have such a beautiful family.

255. Thank you for not only being my wife, but my best friend as well.

256. My life was a little boring before you came around.

257. You make life so much more interesting.

258. You are as cute as a bug’s ear.

259. You are smart

260. You are such a great listener.

261. You are sweet.

262. You are so much fun to be around.

263. You are worth knowing.

264. I love how sassy you are.

265. I love how honest you always are.

266. I love that you do not care what anyone thinks about you.

267. You are so creative.

268. I love that you are true to yourself.

269. You are so smart.

270. Your laugh is infectious.

271. You are so well-mannered.

272. You are such a firecracker.

273. You are a smart cookie.

274. I love how passionate you are.

275. You are a clever girl.

276. You are stronger than you realize.

277. You always light up a room when you are in one.

278. You are enough.

279. I am so grateful to know you.

280. You really know how to make me laugh.

281. I am so lucky to have met you.

282. You have an amazing sense of humor.

283. Knowing you has been such an honor.

284. You have such a kind heart.

285. I am so proud of you and everything that you continue to accomplish.

286. I love how you stay calm and collected in any situation.

287. If anyone can do this, it is you. I believe in you.

288. You are making a difference in this world.

289. You are full of class.

290. Thank you for always being there for me.

291. You are such a well-spoken woman.

292. You always have a way of bringing out the best in people.

293. You carry yourself with so much maturity

294. You are such a ray of sunshine, especially when the days feel so dreary.

295. I love how confident you are.

296. You are the kindest woman I know.

297. I love that you never seem to second-guess yourself.

298. You are the wisest woman I have ever met.

299. You have already accomplished so much.

300. I love hearing you laugh. It makes me smile.

301. You are the best version of yourself so far.

302. I know that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

303. You gave me such a thoughtful gift. Thank you.

304. You radiate so much confidence.

305. You are fierce.

306. You are so mature for your age.

307. You are fabulous.

308. When you speak, everyone in the room listens to you.

309. You are feisty.

310. You are a funny girl.

311. You are a tenacious woman.

312. You are talented.

313. You are so fearless.

314. You are strong.

315. You are always very cheerful.

316. You are so helpful.

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