What Are The Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa From India

Canada is one of the splendid countries and has become one of the most ideal hotspot destinations in the world. Millions of visitors and tourists flock to Canada every year with their goal, ambitions, and reasons to explore Canada to visit friends and family or just experience the natural beauty of Canada.

If you want to visit Canada to explore the fascinating beaches, magnificent beauty, great restaurants, and landscapes. You must need to apply for a Canada tourist visa.

What Is Canada Tourist Visa

Canada tourist visa is a temporary Canadian immigration choice that enables the tourist to visit Canada with the end goal of travel, relaxation, work or study. In order to enter in Canada, you must need a valid entry document such as tourist visa. Canada tourist visa is also called a Canadian temporary resident visa or Canada visitor visa.

canada tourist visa

People who visiting Canada on tourist visa should not be a citizen, holder of the minister’s permit or a permanent resident. Keep in mind Canada visitor visa is granted for a maximum time period of six months.

Types of Canada Tourist Visa

Basically, there are two different types of Canada tourist visa and both visas are valid for a fixed period of time and you can’t use it again after they expire.

Single entry visa: In this visa, the visa holder can enter Canada just once. After a valid visa holder leaves Canada visa will expire and he or she will need a new tourist visa to enter Canada again. In case if the tourist is also traveling to the United States, St. Pierre and Miquelon, he or she will not need to issue a new visa to enter Canada.

Multiple entry visa: In this visa, the visa holder is allowed to enter and leave Canada multiple times for six months without having to reapply each time. The multiple entry visa can be valid for up to 10 years or multiple months before the visa holder’s passport expires.

Canada Tourist Visa Document Requirements

Valid Passport/Travel Documents: You must have an original passport with validity of minimum 6 months and minimum 1 or 2 blank pages available for visa stamp. Also, don’t forget to attach your all old passports if you have. (Keep in mind handwritten passports will not be accepted)

Canada visa application form: The candidate need to fill the application form and signed by the applicant.

Photo specifications: Most recent 2 passport size colored photographs with matt or semi-matt finish, white foundation, 60-80% face inclusion and without border. Make sure your photos should not be more than three months old. Scanned or stapled photographs are not allowed. Also, don’t forget to mention your name and date of birth at the back of the photo for reference.

Unique covering letter: A letter from application on organization letterhead referencing his/her name, designation, passport number, the purpose of the visit and duration of how long you stay in Canada. Make sure letter properly marked by the organization stamp with approved signatory and should be addressed to the Visa Officer, Canadian High Commission, New Delhi.

Employment proof: A proof of your employment from the current employer. It can be No Objection Certificate (NOC) or salary slip. Make sure these documents clearly display the applicant’s all details regarding the current job.

Certificates: Bonafide certificate from your college or school and educational certificates.

Financial documents: Income tax return statements for the last 3 years and original bank statements of the last six months. Bank statement display all kind of transactions like fixed deposits, foreign slips, property purchase, occupational viability, etc.

Documents from parents: Parents employment’s letter on company letterhead indicating current position, date of hire, salary and must be signed by the authority.

Final Words: I hope guys you like this article about documents required for Canada tourist visa from india. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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