Samsung is hastily loosing its market share. Hoping it to bounce back soon

In this tech savvy world, people have become conscious when it comes to adapting a technology. Becoming conscious has now become a need as there are so many companies offering some best gadgets in the market. Forget about the other gadgets, the sector where we have seen some extreme competition in last few years is the mobile industry sector. Consumers have become price conscious and choose their phones wisely. With Samsung ruling the market, all of us have witnessed various other companies becoming a part of the industry. To name a few are Xiaomi, MI, One Plus etc and most of these are the Chinese manufacturers of phone. Though Samsung still has ensured to top the list in India, however recently the market share of the company is seen to be going down.

The growth of Chinese phone companies has been quite faster and that has even left Samsung Company behind now. Samsung at one time used to dominate the market by offering high featured phone at reasonable price, but this is no more the same. Some players from China have now turned out to be better in regards to what they offer to the market which has highly affected the sales of Samsung brand not in India but also in other countries including China.

Recently there has been a great downfall of Samsung company especially from Chinese and Korean markets. There are various factors responsible for the same. However, Samsung failed in localising its products in Chinese and Korean market and to a certain extent could not convince the Chinese Consumers by failing in fulfilling their demands. Some other major factors which affected the sales of Samsung are the exploding of the battery of Galaxy Note 7 in October 2016, additionally there has been an extreme rise of competitive local Chinese brands offering great featured phones.

Samsung’s share in the market has reduced as more than 50% market share has been captured by companies like Lenevo, OnePlus, Gionee, Xiaomi altogether. This 50% was only 19% last year and this itself is a big instance of rapid growth in the sales of Chinese phone manufacturers. If this trend continues Samsung will loose its market share at a rapid place ultimately ending up with leaving its place from the market.

Samsung has been strategising to combat this situation, in of their strategies they hired some young popular actors of China named as Zhu Yawen and Jing Boran as their celebrity endorsers for their newly launched Galaxy S9 model. We hope Samsung will soon make to the top of the list again.

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