Kucoin Invitation Code “26Pcb” – Signup & Get 40% Referral Bonus

Kucoin is one of the most popular exchanges in the world is launched in 2017. This exchange based in Hong Kong. Within 3 months it is most used exchange in Asia and all over the world because of you can trade cryptocurrency at zero transaction free.

Kucoin Referral Code: 26Pcb

Working of this exchange is very similar to the binance exchange that pays out 90% of daily exchange fees to their token holder. So just by holding Kucoin Share tokens, you will daily get Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neo and any other coins they listed on the exchange.

kucoin invitation code

The best part of kucoin is you can also use android or ios application for buy/sell or exchange cryptocurrency. It has own cryptocurrency called Kucoin Share.

Kucoin exchange comes with a unique referral program called as a reward program. This is a three-tier referral program. So you can earn good amount of money

How Kucoin Referral Program Works

For example, john is Mario and when Mario invest in kucoin exchange then John will get a commission of 20% of Mario trading frees.

Now if John invited Mario, then Mario invited Robin and Robin invited Hanna then John will get 20% (from Mario) + 12% (from Robin) + 8% (from Hanna).

That means directly you will get 20% fees and indirectly you will get 12% + 5% frees.

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How To Find Referral Code

  • First login to your kucoin account by username and password.
  • After login click on the Explore option available at the top.
  • Under the Explore option click on the invite bonus option.
  • Here you can find the invite link and referral code.
  • You can also check the directly invited, indirectly invited(1), indirectly invited(2).
  • Now you can share the unique referral link with your friends and earn huge profit.

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