How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Not Available In Your Country

There is no doubt youtube is the world’s number one video streaming website owned by google. It is a global video giant that helps video creator to reach fans all over the world. There are billions of active videos available on these platforms.

But that doesn’t mean every videos is available in your country. Because whenever content creator uploads their video on the channel they have option to restrict video in specific countries or geographical locations.

When you try to watch country restricted video on YouTube you will see an error like “this video is not available in your country”. If you are living in these countries like USA, Canada, Australia, etc then you must have experienced this at least once.

In specific countries like China, YouTube may be also blocked by ISP provides due to some government policies. If you are living in that location then you can also watch the video using the proxy sites and VPN (Virtual Private Network).

In this article, I’m going to show you a complete guide on all possible ways to watch YouTube video not available in your country.

Possible Ways To Watch YouTube Videos Not Available In Your Country

Method 1: Save Blocked YouTube Video

EachNow is a proxy website which allows you to watch blocked youtube video in any country.

  • First, open youtube and find the video which you want to see.
  • Copy the link of the blocked video.
  • Now open the in a new tap.

  • Paste the copied url in the box and click on the search button.
  • After that video will be open in a new tab and it will start playing automatically.

Method 2: Watch Video Quickly Using V/ Method

When you watch any video, YouTube will track your system IP address to determine your location. So if you are living in those blocked areas, YouTube will automatically determine your location and show the error message.

But with the help of this method, you can easily watch those videos.

For example, this video is not available in your country. To watch it from your location just replace “watch?=” with “v/”.

So the final link will look like That’s it this url will be work on any location.

Method 3: Google Chrome Extension

There are lots of free google chrome VPN extension available for mobile devices and desktop OS. If you are using desktop then you download the Hola extension in your chrome browser. Hola extension helps you to change your IP address to watch youtube video not available in your country.

Here you can find the step by step process on installing hola extension.

  • First, open the google chrome and download the Hola extension.

  • After hola extension installed on your browser, an icon will appear in the right corner of the browser.
  • Now open the youtube video you want to watch.
  • Click on the hola extension icon > will be automatically taken as browsing url > select country from which you want to access.
  • After that reload the page and that’s it now you can easily watch the blocked video on youtube easily.

Final Words: I hope guys you like this guide, If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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