How To Resolve Your Spotty Internet Connection In Three Simple Ways?

As an internet user, you may encounter a seldom hitch in your connection. If you don’t know the high-tech mechanism or technical know-how, then it might be a problem. We’ll give you simple clarifications to help you out.

Follow these steps to resolve internet related problems:

1. Broken Internet Connection:

  • Establish All Your Connections: Accurately monitor the connectivity of the coaxial cable edge; whether it’s firmly fastened to the modem or not; besides, you must double-check the combination of the other apex of cable cord to the Ethernet port of your PC. Reinforce that the power cable gets firmly joined to your modem. If a router functions appropriately, then check out that Ethernet cable gets pinned to the internet correctly.
  • Reboot the Modem: To determine the connectivity problem, you may reset your modem device. There are two different techniques to undergo it. First, we propose the method of restoring your modem. The difficulty might get fixed merely by resetting. If the complication still doesn’t go away and the modem doesn’t run, then exercise the Reboot method.

2. The Loss of Network:

If your internet breaks off, you must authenticate that the coaxial cable got conjoined to the device; and the Ethernet cable gets attached to the modem too. Furthermore, you need to organize the constant flow of electricity to the modem and PC. Refresh or reboot to manage the upshot. It’d build up the connectivity and henceforth increase your internet speed.

3. Dull and Slow Browsing:

  • Restart the Computer: Some users keep their PC on hold while power is on or keep it hibernating during the hours of inactivity; hence it changes the browsing performance and makes it lower. To fix up the problem like this, restart your laptop; then next, if the slow results of browsing last, you may undergo other ways to improve it. Discover and tab the Restart key. Review your Internet speed rate by opening a few web pages in Chrome or other browsers you use.
  • Double-Check the Connection of Attached Hardware: If the obstacle remains to exist after restarting your computer, then make sure that all the cables lines, computer or laptop, the modem device get firmly inter-connected in an appropriate order. Also, check out that the power supply and internet supply is open.
  • Reset the Modem: You can undergo two ways of resetting the modem during troubleshooting. Firstly, we recommend you refreshing your modem. However, if the intricacy remains there, and it fails to run correctly, then undertaking a reboot opportunity will work for you. To manage the problem, unplug the electric cable cord. Cut off the power supply from the modem. The modem will take a rest for a bit. Open the source of electricity again after two minutes. Reconnect the device. Wait until the light on the modem to stop flickering and get a stable internet connection. If you have a wireless connection, then ascertain the internet connectivity in your PC.

Final Words:

Hope the tips mentioned above would be helpful. If you still have any issues, you have the option to directly call charter to get a face-to-face meeting with a technician. If you have got any question, comment below, or visit our website It is an authorized retailer of Spectrum Cable Company and resells Charter products of voice, internet, and TV and gives hints on how to solve any unexpected problems.

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