How To Get Receipt Number For US Visa After NEFT Payment

Hey, are you looking for how to get a receipt for US visa after NEFT payment then you are the right place. Today we are going to share a quick guide to get receipt number after paid US visa fee via NEFT.

Note: Please wait for 24 hours to update the receipt number.

1. I would like to share my personal experience with ICICI bank NEFT payment.

2. First I added the beneficiary with the unique account number in my ICICI net banking. @ 09:30 AM

3. Beneficiary account got activated after 30 minutes. @ 10:00 AM

4. Within 5 minutes I completed the payment of visa fees. @10:05 AM

5. Received mail from ICICI bank with transaction slip. @11:20 AM

In visa application page receipt number will be automatically updated within 12 to 24. In my case, it will be updated after 8 hours.

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