How to Find the Right Free Dating Site for You

The classic ways of finding a partner are frankly outdated, and new ones appear more often than you can imagine. Most people have already abandoned attempts to find a companion in real life and called on the Internet for help with all its unlimited possibilities.

With the right approach, you can achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time. In some cases, communication and the search for new acquaintances can last for months, but the result will still be positive.

The 4 main rules of online dating

Searching for a partner online to create a family is not an easy process that requires a certain set of knowledge and skills. Yet it isn’t the case; you should know quite a few things about visiting one of them, the most important of which are:

  • prioritize and sort unnecessary people out;
  • let your communication partners understand exactly what you expect in the end;
  • preserve individuality and do not try to appear better so that you can avoid disappointments;
  • consider the amount of scam profiles out there and know how to avoid them.

Only after the 4 given rules are learned, you can go further and choose which dating site is best for you personally. To improve the efficiency of your choice, we made up our opinion on which dating sites are the most popular. While there are many dating sites out there, still, most of them have their own distinct disadvantages.

We have compiled a rating of dating sites, which evaluates their effectiveness, comfort of use, technical aspects and their features:

An honorable mention goes to this single girls dating site called J4L. Be sure to give it a try!

  • LinkYou

A website with a unique function of selecting people by profession – you can get acquainted with a brave military man or a serious financier, a caring nurse or a creative designer. This approach allows you to pick up dating by interest. The site has no fake profiles and abandoned accounts, and thanks to the efforts of the team, there are virtually no one-time adventure seekers, so the chances of starting a serious relationship are very high. The success of this app is purely due to all the technical support provided by its developers, especially to monitoring suspicious looking accounts. The app is properly developed, and no bugs seem to bother its users.

This website is focused on finding a partner for serious relationships and even for creating a family. There are a lot of people registered from all over the world. The questionnaire you need to fill out when creating an account is very detailed. Based on this, the site will select the options that suit you. Most of the features are available to paid users; because of that, there are little to no scam accounts on it. While the IOS version is a bit worse, and people frequently find new bugs in it, the Android version seems to be fine. While not as technically perfect as LinkYou, its general approach may just be the right choice for you.

  • Love Planet

Unlike most analogs, it allows you to start communicating with a limited number of users for free. While the app is quite pleasant to use, the experience is hampered by annoying advertisements, which disappears when you purchase a paid account. While the design is pretty lackluster, the service has a lot of neat features in it, like photo albums, podcasts, chats, forums, etc. While it has its flaws (which may be quite prominent to some), it is still an option nonetheless.

An indispensable resource for those who love to travel around the world. Here, you can find a fellow traveler for any trip, ask experienced tourists about the corner of the world you are going to go to on vacation, get good advice and insider information about the most delicious paella in Barcelona and the cleanest beach on Bali. Here you can keep travel diaries and share photos. Due to the cunning registration system, there are no fake accounts. The coding is good; not a lot of bugs have been reported thus far, and none of them are crucial anyway. While technically the app is pristine, not all people love to travel, yet other than that it’s great.

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