How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History Permanently

In February 2018 google has launched a new payment app called Google Pay for android users. It is a digital wallet platform developed by Google to make online payments a whole lot easier.

Google Pay allows you to send and receive money from anyone through the UPI system even if your contact is not using google pay without any fees.

The best part of this app is you will also get a scratch card after every transaction. If you win amount from scratch card then the rewards go straight into your linked bank account instantly.

After you complete the transaction on the app will automatically show the transaction details on the history page. But there are so many users want to hide their transaction details or history.

So if you want to delete transaction history on google pay app then you need to pay a bit of attention.

Unfortunately, google pay does not allow you to delete transaction details from the app but you can delete it from your Google account activity page.

If you want to delete the message from the google pay app then simply press and hold on the message you want to delete and follow the on-screen instruction.

Procedure To Delete Google Pay Transaction History:

  • First, open google chrome or your other preferred web browser.
  • Type and hit the enter button.
  • If you are already logged in then you will redirect to your google my activity page. Otherwise, you need to enter your email id and password.
  • Tap on the third option is data & personalization.
  • Scroll down and click on my activity option.

  • Now tap on the three parallel lines at the top left corner and select delete activity by option.
  • In next page select, the date from you wants to delete transaction. If you want to remove all then select all time option.
  • Inside the all products select the google pay and tap on delete option.

Wrap Up:

That’s it within 12 hours all transaction history of Google pay will be deleted permanently. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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