How To Change/Update Information On DS-160 Form After Booking Appointment

So you made a mistake on from DS-160 and want to edit information after booking appointment then you are the right place. Today we are going to share a complete guide to update information on DS-160 form after submission.

When you apply for US visa you must need to submit DS-160 online application form. If you apply for the first time then it might possible that you may not have all the information ready and you totally missed to fill some details or you enter the wrong information.

But don’t worry you are not the first person who entered the wrong information. There are so many applicants want to know about is it possible to edit information in DS-160 form after visa appointment is scheduled.

How To Change or Update DS-160 Form

If you discover the mistake in form within 30 days from when you submitted the original application then you can easily deal with this mistake.

  • First, open the Nonimmigrant Visa – Instructions official website.
  • Log in into account to retrieve your existing application.
  • As you already paid the amount for your application you don’t need to pay the application fees again.
  • Now edit the DS-160 form using the same application number.
  • You will see a message like “The DS-160 application you are attempting to retrieve has been submitted”.
  • There are two options are available is “View Confirmation Page” and “Create a New Application”.
  • Simply click on “Create a New Application” option and click on continue button.
  • Now you can change the necessary information. As some of your data already available you don’t need to add it again.
  • After you enter all information correctly simply submit the new form.

Important Steps

Once you submitted a new application don’t forget to update your profile with the new application number. You also get a new appointment with a new application number.

Now you don’t need to carry the old application, simply go with a new DS 160 form and application confirmation for the interview and biometric session.

Final Words: I hope guys you like this quick guide. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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