How Scammers Work on Dating Sites

As a rule, dating site users who dream of marrying a foreigner are quite likely to become victims of scammers.

The first messages of scammers are very different from all the others: they are polite and thorough. They will tell you in detail about their hobbies and work, try to make you think that they’re well-off, and make some pleasant but not perverted compliments. Then you will be showered with confessions of feelings and will soon be offered to change the way of communication from the site to e-mails.

You should be alerted if:

  1. Your companion does not refer to you by name, calling you honey or other names;
  2. The new acquaintance immediately insists on leaving the dating site and continuing to communicate via e-mail or social networks;
  3. They do not talk about their day, mood, and the like;
  4. They confess love to you pretty fast;
  5. They do not answer your questions and write lengthy messages with an abundance of compliments.

The main task of a scammer is to convince you of their sincerity. The fraudster is ready to spend weeks (and sometimes even months) to communicate with you. They will not ask you for money until they realize that you are in love with them. And only after that they will come up with a false situation or problem and present it in such a way that you immediately want to help them.

The most popular ways of scam on dating sites:

An expensive gift

After several weeks of acquaintance and active correspondence, with love confessions, the potential partner sends an expensive gift to their victim: a smartphone, laptop, or piece of jewelry. Then the scammer “accidentally” forgets to pay for the delivery. As a result, the gift cannot reach the addressee, so they offer the victim to pay these costs themselves. Who would refuse to pay a couple of hundred dollars for an expensive laptop, given that the scammer promises to return the money as soon as possible?

The victim receives a check by mail or SMS with a link to the courier service website, but after sending the required amount, the scammer disappears along with a non-existent gift.

Despite the fact that, recently, the effectiveness of this method has decreased, “an expensive gift” remains one of the fastest and most popular ways to fool a dating site user. In addition, it has recently been improved: now, as a gift, the scammer can send a bouquet of flowers or a souvenir and also promise that he/she has put money in the bouquet to cover any unexpected expenses. The amount for the delivery of such a parcel is rather small, so people do not suspect anything scammy. Be sure to check this article about how to avoid dating scam!

Air ticket

If, in the course of your relationship, there is an idea about joint vacations, then sooner or later, the question of buying a ticket will arise. As a rule, the scammer comes up with various excuses like a blocked account or the lack of a nearby ATM to force their victim to pay for both tickets. When you meet, they will immediately give back all the money and even more! They swear!

As an aid in organizing the trip, the scammer sends a link to the airline’s website to purchase the ticket, but, unfortunately, the resource is a scam itself. The money for the tickets will go to the scammer, and the victim will never see the tickets, as well as the scammer.

Do not fall for the bait even if the tickets on this site are much cheaper than those that you have found. It is better to overpay than to lose money altogether.

In trouble

Women love to help, and fraudsters are actively using it. For several months, they correspond with the victim, even make an appointment and buy the air ticket themselves, but the long-awaited meeting fails at the last moment because the scammer is in trouble: they are arrested, and they won’t be released without paying a fine or something. There may be many reasons, but the goal is the same – to ask for money.

As a rule, in such cases, we are talking about thousands of dollars. The “relatives” of the scammers are often connected to the scam, as some scenarios suggest long-term sponsorship.

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