How To Clear/Delete Paytm Transaction History Permanently 2020

Delete Paytm Transaction History: Hey, are you want to delete paytm transaction history or clear your paytm wallet statement transactions then you are right place.

Today in this article we are going to share how to delete paytm transaction history permanently from account statement.

What is Paytm?

As we all know Paytm (Pay Through Mobile) is one of the most popular mobile wallet application that allows to transfer money to your friends and family via debit card, credit card, and online internet banking.

delete paytm transaction history

Now you can also Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet To Bank Account At 0% Charges.

Once your transaction complete successfully it will automatically display in passbook option in the app.

Also, it displays if you transfer money from wallet to wallet.

This passbook feature is very similar to your bank passbook like SBI, ICICI, Axis, etc.

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Delete Paytm Transaction History

Now comes to the main question there are so many peoples are finding the answer of how to delete paytm passbook history or can I hide my transaction history in paytm.

Inside the Paytm app you can’t find the direct option to hide or delete transaction history.

That’s doesn’t matter whether your your transaction is complete or failed it will be automatically display in the passbook.

But you can still follow these step by step guide to deleted Paytm wallet transaction history.

Step 1: First open Paytm app on your Android or iPhone device and login to your account.

Step 2: Tap on your profile icon available at left corner of the screen and select the 24×7 help option.

Step 3: Here select the order which you want to hide or delete from the statement.

Step 4: Next it will ask you to select the issue that will describe your problem, You can select any option from the list.

Step 5: Tap on the Message Us button and type the reason why you want to hide the order details.

Step 6: That’s it, send this message and it your order will be hidden within 24 hours.

Why Paytm Transaction History Cannot Be Clear or Hide

Recently it launched paytm bank and you all have other bank accounts with passbook.

And your bank doesn’t allow and you can not delete the transaction history from your bank passbook.

Because of if you delete history it may lead to unauthorized transactions and government can not able to trace those activity.

Final Words:

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