Best Books That Will Make You Smarter

1. The Power of Habit: This is a classic book from Charles Duhigg and one of my personal favorites. In this book he has explained how changing certain habits can make a huge difference between success and failure, life and death.

2. Smarter Faster Better: This book describes that productivity relies on making certain choices like The way we frame our daily decisions; the big ambitions we embrace and the easy goals we ignore; the cultures we establish as leaders to drive innovation: these are the things that separate the merely busy from the genuinely productive.

My Personal Favorite Books: Best Books That Will Make You Smarter

3. Thinking Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman has put all of his research because of which he won the Nobel Prize in this book. This book takes the readers on a fascinating journey by dissecting the mind and goes onto explain two distinct systems that affect our way of thinking and making choices.

Of these two systems, one is intuitive, emotional yet fast while the other one is more logical and deliberative.

4. Station Eleven: It’s about the relevant scariness of an apocalypse coming in flu form, and the characters dealing with all-to-familiar struggles of human life before and after there not being many humans.

5. On Writing: Although an absolute must for anyone who likes writing, Stephen King’s half-autobiography/half-master class is a sometimes wild look into the mind of one of the most successful writers of all time.

After watching It, you won’t be disappointed with the crazy ride it took to write it – it involves rejection, almost dying, and lots and lots of cocaine.

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