How To Access Dark Web On Android Device Safely 2018 – Deep Web Guide

Hey, are you looking for how to access dark web safely on android device then you are right place. Today in this article we are going to share the best way to access dark web safely.

What Is Dark Web

The dark web is collection of websites that exist on encrypted network and is completely out of reach your daily using search engine like Google. That means you can not access this website from traditional browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. For access the deep web links you need a deep web browser. Nowadays the most popular deep web browser is Tor Browser available for both android and ios devices.

Before going to access dark web using Tor browser first you need to know what is Tor and why it is used for access deep web links. There are so many people search on internet about deep web on android safe, how to access deep web sites and how to get deep web on iphone

access dark web on android

The Tor browser allows you to browse internet anonymously. That means you can hide your identity using this tool. The best part of this tool is you can also spoof your location so it works as you assess the internet from different country same like VPN service.

Access Dark Web On Desktop

  • The first step to Download TOR browser available on official website.
  • After download install on your device.
  • If you want to add more security then Download Psiphone.
  • Once you download Psiphon simply open it and connect to any country you like.
  • After that open the TOR browser and click on connect button.
  • It takes some time to establish connection.
  • Once you connect you are ready to access hidden links.

Access Dark Web on Android Device

  • The first step to download Orbot from google play store.
  • You can also use Orfox is same as Orbot.
  • If you want to add more security then Download Psiphone from play store.
  • After that simply open the Orbot and simply click on start button.
  • When you open the first time it shows popup screen like Connected to the Tor network.
  • If you connected successfully then you will can see color of onion is changed to yellow.
  • Once you connected you can start the browsing.

Final Words:

I hope guys now you can easily access dark web on android device after reading this article. If you have any question about this article then feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting Express Tricks blog. Keep visiting for more interesting updates.

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